GhanaMade is a digital media platform dedicated to Ghanaian and African culture, music, and society. Founded in December of 2016 to celebrate and connect Ghanaians at home and abroad, we have shown the vibrant culture of Ghana across the nation’s borders. We started our mission in response to filling the gap where Ghanaians in the diaspora are in search of a digital means of connecting back to the Homeland. For the past year since inception we make it a point to post photos and videos of anything or anyone pertaining to Ghana or Africa. The platform expanded from Instagram onto Twitter halfway through 2017 and has reached thousands more through viral posts. In the last quarter of 2017, GhanaMade launched its website on WordPress to engage its existing audience with developments in pop culture and politics. The platform owes much of its successes in the past year to its organic growth and piquing the interest of our most engaged audience.

After almost a year of growth, GhanaMade has positioned itself to outfit its place as a mere social media page into an organisation that will be central to Ghanaian and African affairs. Here at GhanaMade we intend to continuously pursue our mission in part to be the premier platform for discovery, entertainment, cultural events, and regional happenings of African-wide interests.


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