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We found complete synergy between digital and cultural.

Year-over-year we continuously strive to create and nurture the new Diasporan society. Highlighting an authentic positive perspective of Africa at home and abroad, we have built links which transcend borders from New York to London to Accra and beyond.

From major festivals to small business activations, GhanaMade partners with key experts in order to deliver elegant, impactful end-products. We work with businesses to assist in the telling of their story to develop profound value that can translate to real sales and positive customer engagement.

Through, @ghana.made, and our media channels, we offer brands the opportunity to engage with our global audience for their specific needs for product placement, awareness, or other value-generating initiatives.

Curated Experiences

Whether its your next festival or your first trip to the Homeland, we will be there with you.

We have a network of experts (inclusive of tour guides, hotels, sites, and more) to help create exclusive, curated experiences for locals and Diasporan travellers visiting Ghana. Our published resources and network are the essential blocks in the success of your next trip in Ghana.

For special events in the past, we have taken pride in being your eyes on the ground and providing you the digital lense to see the exciting Afro-politan events like concerts, festivals, thought-leader panels, and conferences. We now include building itineraries for you to physically experience our officially endorsed experiences. You can trust us as we work with the best organisations to provide you the best entertainment experiences from the moment you get your ticket and during actual attendance.

Whether you are an individual or a company your identity is key. We know what to do to help your brand reach its full potential.

GhanaMade is a digital media company with a cultural specialisation. We have the skills, tools, and network to bring brands and experiences to life. Precise execution based on a foundation supported by creative innovation, strategic thought processes, digital, social media, and knowledge of global trends - there is no wonder we hae such a strong brand reputation to get you where you need to be improve your business.

We provide unique, culturally informed strategies to accelerate brand growth with the audience that matters to you most. GhanaMade speaks and serves as a platform and vehicle for the creative, influencer, explorer, business owner, whoever you may be - creating exceptional value with unparalleled results.

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