We take great pride to showcase to the world the New Africa. We are an authentic Ghanaian digital media brand for the people. We are unapologetically African to the core. We highlight the very best in unique voices and personalities of the Ghanaian Diaspora.

Our brand was created to establish the perfect synergy amongst the new generation of Africans in the Diaspora. We are a team of content curators and creators who have the skillset to build culturally-sensed brand identities. There is so much our country has to offer with its rich culture & society, vibrant people, deep traditions, and entrepreneurial opportunity. Through thought-provoking editorials, engaging features, and enticing event experiences, we want to bring the world's attention to the Homeland, the Gateway of Africa: Ghana.

Here is what people
think of our brand...

  • What excites me about GhanaMade is that the brand empowers so many of us Ghanaians all across the globe. On the GhanaMade page, there is so much diversity: we have artists, creatives, photographers, musicians, various professionals, and influencers inclusive of myself as Miss United States - all of us Ghanaians who just love our country and our culture, representing where we come from. GhanaMade shows the beauty of Ghana and all [it's] shapes and sizes. There is not just one type of Ghanaian featured on [your platform]. It allows each and everyone of us to bring followers and viewers into our experiences in Ghana with our culture and our families. There is so much individuality and so much diversity. I am more than blessed to be a part of such an amazing movement. GhanaMade features us in a manner that celebrates us - that depicts us as powerful, resilient, and beautiful in our own individual ways.

    Andromeda Peters - Miss United States 2018
  • GhanaMade is literally the number one resource for Ghanaians in the Diaspora. It has helped your boy out by keeping the pulse on what is happening in Ghanaian culture. Every time MIZIZI is having a release relating to Ghana, 9 times out of 10 we're sending it to GhanaMade to promote it for us!

    Paakow Essandoh - CEO of MIZIZI
  • GhanaMade stands out because it is For Us, By Us. It serves as a platform to convey, disseminate and celebrate the beauty, innovation and distinctive culture, history and happenings of Ghanaian people. GhanaMade is helping to inform the world about the Black Stars and our beloved country whilst building up a generation of Ghanaians that can boastfully partake and commemorate our culture in seconds through the power of technology and social media.

    Diana Wilson - Young Accomplished African Women NGO
  • What makes GhanaMade stand out to me: Pride and Confidence is what comes to mind when I think about the brand. The two mesh well and ooze out as the most harmonious cultural and lifestyle blend. GhanaMade stands out to me because the brand offers a fresh perspective that ANYONE can relate to, learn from and become inspired by. Let GhanaMade stand out and excite you about the Africa you never knew.

  • GhanaMade stands out to me because it vividly highlights the rich culture of Africa (Ghana especially), and has established a unique link between the western world and African Diaspora for people to appreciate, educate themselves and claim ownership of their identity and roots. Keep up the great work fam y’all have my full support!

    Mawulorm Akoto - Founder of SCHEUgENG
  • What I like about your brand is that it embraces the Ghanaian culture. GhanaMade shows the wealth and growth of Ghana.

    Kwasi Opoku - Ensah Boyz
  • Thank YOU for giving us this platform!

    Mary B. - Yummy Africa
  • I love how GhanaMade puts Ghana on the map across Africa and the Diaspora in a way that showcases Ghana's talent and creativity and breaks from the lazy, negative and outdated representations Ghana has often had from the western mainstream media. GhanaMade tells stories, connects and inspires paa. Eny3 easy nti chale...y3dase oo

    Miss Brown
  • I like GhanaMade because it represents our country all Ghanaians beautifully around the world in a positive way!

    Victoria Kibaki
  • I love GhanaMade because it celebrates and showcases our Ghanaian culture in a very modern way. It shows “The New Africa” which really appeals to us millennials!

    Justin Spio

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